Who we are

We are a non-profit organization (501c3) created to foster cultural and educational exchange, medical assistance, tourism, art, commercial trade opportunities and good will between Guayaquil, Ecuador and Houston, Texas. We achieve these goals by establishing relations and cooperation between individuals, organizations, and institutions from the two cities. 

We have become part of a powerful global network anchored in formal city-to-city agreements. Eighteen sister cities, strategically positioned throughout the world, translate into long-term relationships that give you international access, opportunities and resources.

What are the benefits?

Besides cultural promotion and international awareness, there are other fantastic opportunities created through the program. Cities are able to participate in grant programs towards global projects. Coordinators and volunteers get involved in the community to be fully aware of the vibe and personal issues in each city. Through meetings and conferences, it gives everyone the advantage to learn about new innovations, cultures and experiences abroad.