HGSCA and Medical Bridges will Collaborate to Benefit Medically Underserved Ecuadorian Communities

Last november, Luis W. Moyano, President of HGSCA, Paulina Davila, Director of Protocol, Luis Moyano III, Director of Health, Sebastian Gomez, Director of Culture and Education, and Dr. Pedro Arguello, a well known gastroenterologist from Houston and member of HGSCA Advisory Board met Walter Ulrich, President & CEO – Medical Bridges, and Gidget Swift, Global Health & Special Projects Manager to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Medical Bridges mission is to bridge the healthcare gap worldwide by procuring and distributing medical equipment and supplies to underserved communities. One of its commitments ist to incorporate change, collaboration and partnerships with other like-minded organizations to leverage resources and respond to opportunities which sets a common ground for HGSCA and Medical Bridges to collaborate.

From left to right:Sebastian Gomez, Director of Culture and Education, Walter Ulrich, President and CEO – Medical Bridges, Dr. Pedro Arguello, Member of HGSCA Advisory Board, Luis W. Moyano, President of HGSCA, Paulina D├ívila, Director of Protocol, Luis W Moyano III, Director of Health, Gidget Swift, Global Health & Special Projects Manager – Medical Bridges.

Therefore, HGSCA has announced the launching of its new health initiative that will benefit medically underserved ecuadorian communities in partnership with Medical Bridges.

Dr. Pedro Arguello is leading this project and will travel to Ecuador to evaluate hospitals that might qualify to receive donations from Medical Bridges. His agenda includes a visit to Leon Becerra hospital, the Junta de la Beneficencia de Guayaquil, the Club Rotary of Guayaquil, and a women hospital in Quevedo, Los Rios, Ecuador.

Andrew Sherr, Consul of United States in Guayaquil, will meet with Dr. Arguello to learn more about the initiative.

Luis W. Moyano, President of HGSCA, expressed “We feel honored to have Dr. Arguello as part of our Advisory Board, his leadership and example has helped us grow into our potential. HGSCA would not be where it is today without Dr. Arguello and all the members of our Advisory Board.”

We thank Fran Topar, President of SOLCA Babahoyo, who coordinates the visits to hospitals and organizations in Guayaquil, and Mario Balanzategui, Director of Health – HGSCA Guayaquil, who coordinates the visit to Maternidad Rotary in Quevedo as part of HGSCA collateral benefit program.

HGSCA is a non-profit organization (501c3) created to foster cultural and educational exchange, medical assistance, tourism, art, commercial trade opportunities and good will between Guayaquil, Ecuador and Houston, Texas. We achieve these goals by establishing relations and cooperation between individuals, organizations, and institutions from the two cities.

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