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HGSCA’s Young Adult Force is Rising and Positioning Itself as the New Generation of HGSCA Leader

Environmental factors, economic disparities and access to health care, and the growing fragile and vulnerable settings, such as regions affected by drought and conflict are only a couple of the complex worldwide issues that today’s generation of young people will be asked to solve. They are on the very edge of acquiring a world in confusion, and their capacity to arrange worldwide participation even with apparently unconquerable issues can’t be downplayed.

Fortunately, HGSCA is rising to these challenges and creating a youth and young adults force of talented individuals who are becoming engaged with global citizens through their participation in the organization. Luis Moyano III, started volunteering at a young age in our organization and has led student exchange projects between Houston and Guayaquil Universities and supporting other projects. He has interacted with political and educational figures such as Honorable Ambassador Todd Chapman, Adria Baker, Associate Vice Provost for International Education, Seichii Matzuda, Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at Rice University, and others as well as Presidents of Universities in Guayaquil.

This year, Sebastian Gomez, a graduate from Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions who now attends University of Houston where he is currently studying Biochemistry to apply to medical school, is a new addition to the HGSCA team. Sebastian, at his early 19 years old, is now organizing along with Luis a Hospital Management Delegation visit from Guayaquil to Houston. Professionals and graduates students from The Hospital Management School which is part of the ESPAE, the University of Business at ESPOL, will experience, observe, and learn about the new innovations in the Hospital Management industry next month. Luis and Sebastian have carefully planned, organized, and assisted ESPAE and University of Houston to connect and partner in this new endeavor.

These young men who are driven, risk takers, quick-witted, and excellent team players are making a difference and have transformed the way how HGSCA operates. We have adopted the facilitator role in this project to allow them to take initiative while they develop their leadership skills.

HGSCA recognizes, that nurturing new leaders is essential to make successful citizens who will be able to solve community problems and enhancing their civic participation. Young people have a greater understanding of the problems facing other ones like them, and provide fresh and new perspectives for how to address them

HGSCA invites young leaders to be part of our organization and join our Youth and Young Adults Leadership Team. You do not have to be Ecuadorian. We offer our team the opportunity to develop and practice:

  • Public speaking/writing, and engaging the participation of others
  • Teamwork
  • Self-improvement
  • Professionalism
  • Project Management
  • Leadership skills
  • Social Media Marketing

Age: (16 – 35)

Requirements: Young people who can volunteer and devote at least 10 to 20 hours a month to specific projects. We encourage the implementation of new ideas that would benefit Houston and/or Ecuador. You have the power to create a new world!

Membership: $40 annually

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