SOLCA Becomes the First Guayaquil-Based Project ECHO hub Focusing on Delivering Support and Improvin

Once again, HGSCA has been able to facilitate another meaningful connection between Houston and Guayaquil that would strengthen the relationship between the two cities.

In October 2018, SOLCA became part of a Latin America consortium of 10 countries to share best practices for prevention and management of cervical cancer led by MD Anderson – ECHO Project. SOLCA attended its first session on January 14, 2019.

After a year of participating in the consortium and recognizing the need to reach out more cancer patients in underserved areas, SOLCA decided to become the first Guayaquil-Based Project ECHO hub focusing on delivering support and improving care in cervical cancer. SOLCA has embarked on a major undertaking supported by MD Anderson – ECO Project.

Ellen Baker, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Project ECHO and Melissa Lopez Varon, M.S., Partner Liaison, Project ECHO from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Elisa Martínez Luaces, Program Coordinator – ECHO project in Uruguay travelled to Guayaquil on December 3rd to train their counterparts at SOLCA.

Andrew Sherr, Consul General of United States in Guayaquil, Jose Jouvin – President of SOLCA, and HGSCA Guayaquil members, Xavier Moyano – President , Alexandra Moyano – Director of International Agreements, Erika Segale – Image and Director of Marketing, and Julian Campo – Director of Business and Trade, welcomed the delegation on December 3rd at Ronald McDonalds House of Charities Ecuador. RMHC Ecuador was adopted by HGSCA in 2017 as its signature charity and it houses children, young adults and families affected by cancer from differents parts of the country.

HGSCA hopes that this initiative would be the first step on the right path to create a fruitful and long lasting relationship between MD Anderson and SOLCA.

In addition, Bessie Magallanes, HGSCA member and Director of the Healthcare Management Program at ESPAE – ESPOL attended the training to evaluate and explore opportunities. HGSCA vision is that the ECHO Project expands and partner with other health systems and clinics throughout the country to increase health care professionals’ capacity to treat different illnesses and conditions.

The ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) model™ is a medical education and care management collaborative that empowers clinicians in remote settings to deliver better care to more people locally. By putting local clinicians together with specialist teams at larger medical centers in weekly virtual clinics or teleECHO™ clinics, Project ECHO shares knowledge, expands treatment capacity and offers peer support to otherwise regionally isolated clinicians.

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